Foto Panorâmica a 1050 metros Altura

Aqui fica uma foto panorâmica com uma qualidade e paisagem exorbitantes, tirada por um dos nossos clientes em França:


foto panoramica fenix sport power2fly franca


E aqui fica o texto partilhado Piloto no seu blog:



“Friday, November 6, 2015. Takeoff from Lathuille at 9:15 am with my friend Hubert, the panoramic photo magician.

We flew along the Roc des boeufs to the Duingt castle. Reaching 1050 meters AGL was a temperature inversion, a light throttling brought us toward Talloires before climbing to the Dents de Lanfon, bifurcated towards the Tournette, then turned around back home flying the same route.

Fifteen minutes gliding in silky air with the engine off. A noiseless smooth flight in a sumptuous panorama bringing intense and deeply peaceful moments. The morning of the world. A stress free fifty minutes of sheer bliss. “

Put a headset on, and listen to your favorite sound track, click on the link, scroll using the mouse or the tabs.

You are flying …