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  • Evo8

    SKU: 0001

    The Evo 8 GT came after the Evo 6 GT, and added 2 extra carbon rods for a stronger cage. This has been out most popular model for several years now, and has a big following. This is a nice strong machine for the experianced pilot as well as the newbie. This machine flys awesome, and is very comfortable in flight. You cant go wrong with this guy!!! With all the recent updates ( most of them at customers request ) this machine will handle just about anything you throw at it.  This Unit comes with the Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus as standard, along with the Dudek Comfort Seat Harness, Helix Carbon Prop, and12 Liter Fuel Tank. Weight is around 55 pounds depending on harness and engine selecton.

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