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    As if the LAF couldn't get any better - it just did. This is a brand new option available to those wanting one of the most reliable, lightest, paramotors out on the market. This unit has been re-engineered to break down quickly, and easily - small enough to fit in a suit case!


    The paramotor is designed with a unique pin detachment system for traveling. Pull a few pins, and the unit breaks down to literally HALF the size.


    This is the only one available in stock right now. We'll be rolling this configuration out as an option to the public soon, but have one available as a special now!



    Enging: Vittorazi Atom80

    Harness: Apco SLT Harness

    Color: Satin Black

    Prop: Helix





    LAF [Light As a Feather]

    This little paramotor was developed just for the new Atom 80 Vittorazi released. We took the Evo 6, and lightened it up with thiner wall tubing, and got the weight down to around 6 pounds on the frame. The complete paramotor in its lightest configuration is just 38 pounds dry. This is the most enjoyable paramotor I have flown to date. It just sips fuel and flies forever on a single tank. 

      6.399,00 € Preço normal
      5.995,00 €Preço promocional
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