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Lift 2EZ
  • Lift 2EZ

    SKU: Lift 2Easy

    LIFT 2EZ :: The 2EZ is a simplified, second generation of the LIFT EZ, made even easier, purpose-built for schools/beginners.

    LIFT 2EZ shares the same canopy as LIFT EZ-R, but with much simpler lines and riser set-up.

    For beginners the biggest challenge is to learn how to inflate, take-off and land. One of the difficulties for beginners is understanding and intuitively using the risers. Over complicated risers make it difficult for the beginner to recognize the A’s and to understand what is front, what is back, what is left and what is right.

    The risers on the LIFT 2EZ are a stripped down version of the standard risers. The main difference is the LIFT 2EZrisers are significantly shortened so each riser leg tangles less and overall easier to control. The shorter riser length allowed us to add an additional hook-in point, (similar to the Thrust risers) to accommodate high or low paramotors without changing brake set-up/length.

    Additional changes include eliminating the speed system and the tip steering handles. Trimmers were left as a very short length, minimal version used only to slow down the wing towards landing. The C riser and D riser were connected together, simplifying the risers to only 3 legs – A,B and C.

    Speed System, trimmers and the tip steering are often features the beginner pilot will not use throughout the duration of training and following that will probably not use them for the entire period of gaining confidence! Once ready to push the wing to its full potential, then it is time to move to LIFT EZ-R!

    The result is a clean, efficient and straight-forward wing, specifically designed for the first steps into our sport, making life easier for the both the pilot and instructor – too easy (2EZ!)


    RETROFIT- upgrading LIFT 2EZ into LIFT EZ-R

    If the pilot is introduced to our sport, then there is no question that LIFT 2EZ is the right and best choice. After gaining some experience, feeling comfortable with the wing, it is possible to upgrade LIFT 2EZ into LIFT EZ-R.

    A retrofit kit is offered which will include all necessary parts – risers, tip steering and lines to be replaced locally by the dealer. Graduate the LIFT 2EZ and explore a new world of possibilities with LIFT EZ-R, making it a 2 for 1 wing!

    A signed and stamped certificate will be included with every upgrade kit:


    (2EZ & EZ-R)
    Area [m2]25.827.529.2
    Area (projected) [m2]22.323.525.1
    Span [m]11.2211.8412.46
    Span (projected) [m]9.159.6510.17
    Aspect Ratio4.95.15.32
    Aspect Ratio (projected)3.844.2
    Pilot Weight (all up) free flight [kg]70-10085-120110-140
    Pilot Weight (all up + paramotor unit) [kg]75-140*100-165*125-185*
    Canopy Weight [kg]5.55.856.1
    Root Cord m2.762.762.76
    Tip Chord [m]0.530.530.53
    Length of Lines on B [m]6.656.957.25
    Total Length of Lines [m]301321346

    * Higher load is recommended for use with a trike.


    V-min [km/h]21
    V-trim [km/h]35-39
    Min Sink [m/s] at optimal wing loadingless than 1.05 m/sec



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