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Lift EU II
  • Lift EU II

    LIFT EU II is APCO’s full reflex wing dedicated to use with Trikes.

    The LIFT EU II is the second generation of this wing and a big step up from the original Lift EU – improved in both look and feel!

    The ABS2® system on the LIFT EU II is the second generation of this system which is now, even more user friendly.

    ABS2® been further improved following our experience with Force II, does not require any special piloting and dramatically improves stability.

    ABS2® is a system which automatically and gradually pulls down the tip steering as you release the back trimmers or pull the front trimmers. This action stabilizes the wing , cancelling roll movement, “planting” the trike under the center of the canopy.
    This outstanding roll stability gives the pilot the best and most efficient flying path at high speeds! It is on cross country flights, or when chasing down a friend that the ABS2® system comes into play.

    The ABS2® system will get you from point A to B in the fastest way possible with no pilot input. On trim speed, the system is not activated, allowing dynamic flight with improved handling and minimal brake pressure.

    The LIFT EU II is really the best package any pilot can ask for with a combination of speed and roll stability making this wing a truly rare beast unique in its nature.

    We are proud of the result, and sure it will continue to dominate the trike wings market.

    The LIFT canopy is offered in 4 different versions to cover both European trikes as well as American PPC machines:

    LIFT EU II 400 for European light to medium trikes (with narrow hook-in points and hand held brakes).
    LIFT EU II 450 for European medium to heavy trikes (with narrow hook-in points and hand held brakes).
    LIFT II 400 for American PPC (Powered parachute) light to medium frame (wide hook in points, leg steering configuration).
    LIFT II 450 for American PPC medium to heavy trikes (wide hook-in points, leg steering configuration).

    The American version of this wing specially designed for PPC machines is compatible with trikes based on wide spread between the hook-in points.


    • TAKE OFF

      Aided by the unique SRS system, the wing will come over head immediately with no locking or dragging behind the trike.


      Close the back trimmer and enjoy a relaxed slow and flat approach.


      High speed – A great touring wing with outstanding large speed range will open up new possibilities!


      Fitted with Tip steering handles, you will enjoy low brake pressure and effortless handling throughout the flight. The ABS system keeps the wing rock solid over head!


      What a pleasure. Not what I expected. The wing came up with no surprises at all. Just sit there waiting for the next command. In flight the wing is responsive with the best glide ratio. Landing the trike was really very easy with minimal input.

      The wing was really worth the wait.


      According to Apco’s legendary tradition for durability – the construction of the wing is bullet proof! Extremely durable cloth combined with proven construction designed to withstand daily use.

    • LIFT EU 2

      Reflex profile trike specific wing – The best it can get!

    Area [m2]39 (420 sq. ft.)42 (450 sq. ft.)
    Area (projected) [m2]34.537.2
    Span(incl. Stabiliser) [m]13.814.6
    Span (projected) [m]11.5212.2
    Aspect Ratio4.865.08
    Aspect Ratio (projected)3.834
    Canopy Weight [kg]8.49.3
    Root Cord m3.43.4
    Tip Chord [m]0.60.6
    Length of Lines on B [m]7.948.73
    Total Length of Lines [m]330365
    Pilot Weight 
    (All up + Trike paramotor) [kg]

    Minimum Recommended 
    Engine thrust [kg]


    V-min [km/h]27
    V-trim (-) / V-trim (0)41/46 km/h
    V- rear trim off55-60 km/h
    V-max - front trim on, rear off67+ km/h
    Min Sink [m/s] at optimal wing loading1.3 m/s



      4.200,00 €Preço
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