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Moster 100 Hour Kit
  • Moster 100 Hour Kit

    This kit includes all the recommended parts needed for the 100hr maintenance check on the Moster 185 engines. All of the parts should be replaced; however, due to the wear of your specific engine, there may be additional parts that need replacing. If you have any questions while doing the 100hr maintenance, please feel free to contact us. Our team is happy to spend as much time as needed to ensure your engine is properly maintained, and you get back to flying soon.



    Parts Included:

    M021a (2)

    M021b (2)

    M097 (1)

    M093a (1)

    M034s (1)

    M043 (1)

    MP055 (1)

    M082 (2)

    MP159 (1)

    MP161 (1)

    M025 (1)

    M013 (1)

    M009 (1)

    M006 (2)

    MP117 (1)

    M114 (2)

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