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Play 42 UL
  • Play 42 UL

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    The veteran ultralight (UL) aviation sector such as delta trikes, powered parachutes and ultralight planes, has a new addition to its ranks – Play 42 UL !

    The Play 42 UL is the beefed up, heavily reinforced version of Play 42 MKII for loads up to 340 kg.

    The Play 42 UL was born from market demand, following the success of the original Play 42 as a perfect tandem trike wing. Built to accommodate the majority of paramotor trikes on the market, the Play 42 UL brings all the best of Play 42 with a higher load limit. In addition, loading this wing gives even bigger speed range with maximum top speed of over 50 km/h with sharp, direct handling.

    APCO, as world leader in the powered parachute market (PPC) is in the perfect position to build the best tandem trike wing. We have accumulated a great amount of knowledge and experience in building wings for heavy machines, supplying our powerwings for heavy PPC machines for many years, dominating this market.

    Play 42 UL is a well tested and proven design which we are confident will continue to be the wing of choice for the growing trike sector. It uses the same platform and technical data as Play 42 MKII (based on existing certification). Constructed with stronger materials and internally reinforced on all load bearing elements, leading to a much stronger and well polished tandem trike wing.

    Main design features of Play 42 UL:

    • Wide speed range with high cruising speed.
    • Light brake pressure with direct immediate, spotless handling.
    • Perfect launch – easier than you can imagine
    • Effortless flare for smooth, safe landings

    APCO is well-known for the legendary longevity of its wings and Play 42 UL is even more long-lasting and robust. It will be safely used by professionals for a number of seasons, logging thousands of commercial flights, making Play 42 UL the best value per flight tandem trike wing on the market.

    PLAY 42 UL – Double Your Fun


    • TAKE OFF

      Trimmed specifically for trike use, ensuring a easy inflation, and great roll stability, making it a safe and easy trike wing that wil satisfy pilots across the range, from students to professionals.


      Efficient Flare combined with a low sink rate and approach gives a great landing, even at higher elevations and light wind conditions.


      Given its relatively high trim speed, esp at higher loadings, the Play makes a great touring wing, giving good fuel efficiency while cruising.


      The best trike wing I could hope for. It is the most durable work horse for my business – Trike tandems


      According to Apco’s legendary tradition for durability – the construction of the wing is bullet proof! Extremely durable cloth combined with proven construction designed to withstand daily use.

    • Play42 UL

      Safe, reliable, perfect launching workhorse for Heavy trikes!

    PLAY 42 UL42
    Area [m2]42
    Area (projected) [m2]35.4
    Span(incl. Stabiliser) [m]14.6
    Span (projected) [m]12.1
    Aspect Ratio5.1
    Aspect Ratio (projected)4.1
    Take off Weight (all up) [kg]Up to 340
    Canopy Weight [kg]9
    Root Cord m3.47
    Tip Chord [m]0.66
    Length of Lines on B [m]8.5
    Total Length of Lines [m]496


    V-min [km/h] @ optimum wing load23
    V-trim [km/h] @ optimum wing load38
    V-max [km/h] @ optimum wing load45+
    Min Sink [m/s] @ optimum wing load1.1




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