SKU: Report Air

    There are many pilots who praise our continuous improvements, resulting in even smoother fusion of reflex stability with better agility, easier launch and more speed. All of the Nucleons have that. However, there are also many pilots who miss the legendary, uncompromised stability of the first reflex wings. Those are mainly professionals, needing to let free of the brakes and get busy with their real work in the air. The list includes photographers, patrol services, search and rescue groups, filmmakers, military, forest guards, reporters, travelers, scientists, road management… there’s no ending. Last but not least – there are regular pilots who want to indulge in pure, stress-free sightseeing.

    Accordingly, in the Report’air we’ve focused on recreating that legendary stability, so when flying it you can literally feel the peace and trust it radiates. The paraglider moves as if on tracks. Simultaneously we’ve put a lot of effort into polishing launch – now it’s sure and easy to perform both in nil wind, when even lifting the canopy can be hard, and in strong wind, when losing the bearings can be hard to compensate. The speed at released trimmers is very good, too – comparable to the Nucleon XX. 
    Striving for perfection, we’ve invited one of the best flying photograpers, Kacer Kowalski, (multiple winner of the World Press Photo with his paraglider-based photos) to collaborate with us. Kacper presented us with a list of features an ideal task-oriented canopy should have, then tested several protos in various weather. His remarks had great impact on the final Report’air prototype. 
    Our collaboration was not limited to technicalities only. When he saw the four elements colour design prepared for the Report'air, Kacper - being an architect by professional training and artist pilot by temperament - convinced us to prepare a limited Ko-Ka version too, 10 unique collector canopies. The KoKa colour scheme is inspired by recent Kacper fascinations with constructivism. Each of the KoKa wings has its individual colours and is sold at a special price, with €1000 directed to a charity goal: Polish Humanitarian Action. Only size 26 is available.


    Report'air - size 22 24 26 28
    DGAC approval yes yes yes yes
    Cell number 60
    Surface flat [m2] 22.00 24.00 26.00 28.00
    Surface projected [m2] 18.97 20.69 22.42 24.14
    Wingspan flat [m] 11.10 11.59 12.07 12.52
    Wingspan projected [m] 8.88 9.28 9.66 10.02
    Apect ratio flat 5,60
    Apect ratio projected 4,16
    Sink rate [m/s] min = 1.2  +/- 0.2
    Speed [km/h] min = 26 ; trim = 38-50 ; max = 64 +/- 3
    Longest chord [mm] 2454 2563 2668 2769
    Shortest chord [mm] 603 630 656 681
    Suspension length [m] 6.88 7.19 7.48 7.77
    Total lines length [m] 305.03 319.07 332.54 345.5
    Pilot take-off weight DGAC [kg] 85 - 120 95 - 130 105 - 145 115 - 160
    Canopy weight [kg]  5.8  6.2  6.5  6.9
    Lines Edelrid A-8000U: 050 / Liros TSL: 090 & 140 & 190 & 280 & 380
    Cloth Porcher Sport 38 g/m2, Dominico tex 34 g/m2, Porcher Sport Hard 40 g/m2, SR Scrim, SR Laminate 180 g/m2


    • TCT (Triple Comfort Toggle) short (basic option with 2D)
    • TCT (Triple Comfort Toggle) standard
    • SCT (Sport Comfort Toggle) standard
    • SCT (Sport Comfort Toggle) short





    Launch comfort     
    Brake operation      
    Reflex mode adjustable
    Shape rigidity    
    Passive safety     
    Acceleration trim / speed 50%/ 50%
    Minimum speed     
    Maximum speed     
    Classic comps     
    Slalom comps   
    Powered thermalling     


    Cells 60
    Aspect ratio 5.6
    SN - Shark Nose  yes
    LE2R - Leading Edge Double Reinforcements  no
    PR - Push & Relax Technology  yes
    DOA - Dudek Optimized Airfoil  no
    DRA - Dudek Reflex Airfoil  yes
    CSG - Canopy Shape Guard  yes
    LT - Laser Technology  yes
    FET - Flexi Edge Technology  yes
    MR - Mini Ribs  no
    ACS - Active Cleaning Slots  yes
    2-liner  no
    3-liner  no
    Valves  no