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RS | Corsair Options
  • RS | Corsair Options

    The RS is our latest Paramotor designed to take the podium in future world paramotor events. We did a ton of development on this new frame. Starting with the Chassis, we changed the bottom to have a rounded skid, so if you have a butt landing, it will not dig in. We also kicked out the bottom of the chassis, so we could raise the tank out of the airflow to the prop. The engine plate is now Vittorazi specific to be lighter, and has access to the starter for easier maintenace. The arms are multi adjustable for all pilots, and take away all the engine torque for straight and level flight at full power on speed bar. The cage is shallower for increased strength, as well as bigger carbon fiber spars, and only six of them. At the current time I consider this the best Paramotor on the market hands down!!!!

      3.900,00 €Preço
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