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Vittorazi Cooling Shroud

Vittorazi Cooling Shroud

SKU: Cooling Shroud

New Vittorazi Extra Cooling Shroud and hardware to install.

In order to improve constantly their products, Vittorazi Motors have developed a new Air shroud for Moster185.In the new model, the fixing points are no longer at the head (upper part) of the engine: they are placed on its sides.

New Style Cooling Shroud Has 4 Thread (2 Each Side) of the Cylinder Head so make sure when you are ordering that you order correctly. If your Cylinder Head DOES NOT have these side mounting threads then you need to order the OLD Style.

Thanks to this new solution, the airflow passes through the fins finding fewer obstacles and allowing a greater and better heat dissipation resulting in up to 10% better cooling compared to others in the market.

Both the conveyor and the fixing kit weight have been significantly reduced (the total weight is only 155 grams unlike the 300 grams of the previous version) without affecting the engine quality and durability. It can be mounted only on engines having the 2016 new cylinder head with the fixing holes on the sides. All the Vittorazi engines, starting from January, will have a new cylinder head, while a kit cylinder head/conveyor will be available at a discount for the engines purchased before 2016.

    149,99 €Preço
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