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Vittorazi V-Throttle
  • Vittorazi V-Throttle

    SKU: v-throttle

    Vittorazi V-Throttle

    Available both for right or left hand

    **Please note – the throttle can be switched between left or right-hand operation via a screwdriver. Please purchase the throttle according to what length of cable your setup needs, most right-hand setups need the 115cm / 45in cable length while most left-hand setups use the 130cm / 51inch length. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

    1 – SHELL – The joystick has a high-quality finishing and is comfortable around your hand even for longer flights. Made of strong nylon for super strength, the components are very resistant to shocks, pressure, acids or oils.

    2 – SPRING – The spring on the lever, improve the cable sliding in difficult situations (strong cable bending, obstruction by foreign bodies).

    3 – HANDLE – The ergonomic shape of the handle allows a comfortable and natural position of the fingers. The cavity of the lever facilitates the grip or the accelerator lock during the reverse launch.

    4 – STRAP – Adjustable strap position (up-down) to tune perfectly the grip on the handle. Reverse function: can be easily switched between right hand, left-handed operation.

    5 – PUSH BUTTON – Easy to reach but also protected, as to avoid accidental shutdowns. Button – IP67 waterproof standard.

    6 – CABLE – Sheathed steel cable, core PTFE, guarantees excellent smoothness even in narrow bending. Crimped components ensure a high resistance of the whip, all sealed by grommets. Available size length: 115cms or 130cms.



    • Easy and quick to install
    • Durable and resistant
    • Safe
    • Maintenance free
    • Compact and simple
    • Made of high-quality material
    • Easy and convenient
    • Salt-resistant parts also for beach use
    • Less stressful flights
    • Precise throttle control
    • Lightweight material
    • 100% made in Italy
    • Guaranteed for 3 years
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