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Corpus Christi, TX

Jan 24 - 26


Bay  ays


Limited Spots Available

Paramotor SIV & Competition

We're excited to announce the upcoming Bay Days powered by Power2Fly USA. Bay Days will be unlike any event we've seen in the US paramotoring world. 

Bay Days brings together two exciting PPG events into one: a Paramotor SIV, and a US Competition. Check out the information below, and be sure to register for one of the upcoming events.

3 days

1 experience


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SIV Instructor

Flight Time: 3000hrs+

Licences: FAI IPPI Parapro 5 | FAI Gold Colibri

Country: Estonia

Power2Fly Team Pilot/Test Pilot

MacPara Team Pilot/Test Pilot

CobraParamotors Team/Test Pilot

VortexAero Team/Test Pilot

Medals: 2016 1st FAI Paramotor Endurance World Cup: individual 5th, Team 1st

            2018 2nd FAI Paramotor Endurance World Cup: individual 2nd, Team 1st

Paramotor SIV

Simulation d'Incident en Vol' (or SIV) is all about advancing with safety. SIVs are taught around the world to pilots of all experience levels. Whether you have never taken an SIV, or you're a seasoned SIV-er, you can always learn more.

We are extremely happy to be able to offer a true PARAMOTOR SIV course. Our World Champion paramotor instructor will provide participants with the ability to build more confidence, and competence, with a paramotor, no matter their experience level. 

Competition is a way to finally show off your skills as a paramotor pilot. Classical competition consists of precision and navigation based objectives to challenge the pilot's skillset, stamina, and finesse.

The Bay Days competition will consist of 7 stagesAll stage rules and scoring will be consistent with the FAI standards for classical competition scoring.

Competition Stages:

  • Bowling Landing

  • Landing Square

  • Precision Paraball

  • The Wall

  • Fast/Slow Speed

  • Eco Turnpoint Hunt

  • Fastest Takeoff

Day 1

  • SIV Part 1

  • Competition Course Practice Runs

Day 2

  • SIV Part 2

  • Competition Course Practice Runs

day 3

  • Classical Competition

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